Meet The Cats


Paprika Sapphire siamese twin mix cat
Paprika Sapphire - A true glamourous snow princess , 13 year old Paprika Sapphire was born in the majestic land of Colorado. She joined our family when she was three years old and is a key part of our inspiration for this site because of her fluffy good looks and sweet but stylish personality. Her favorite item from the store is the Cat Shaped Hoodie 




Luca & Leo black cat and orange cat brothers
Luca Topaz (right)- A handsome gentleman, 1 and a half year old Luca Topaz is a one of a kind cat! He’s both playful and yet quietly observant. Luca loves his toys and grooming his silky long black fur. He’s almost like a debonair secret agent and panther in house cat form. His favorite item from the store is the Astro Cat Shaped Backpack 

Leo Silver (left) - At 6 months old, Leo is the youngest and newest member of our family. A rambunctious fire ball, Leo loves nothing more than to play with his big brother Luca and get cuddles. Leo’s favorite toy is a feather wand. His favorite item from the store is the Cute Long Cat Shaped Plush